How To Speak Deli


CHUTZPAH ( – Nerve – “It takes a lot of chutzpah to think you can finish a sandwich at Kenny & Ziggy’s.”


EMMESS – The Truth – “We serve the best food anywhere, that is the emmess.”


FORSHPEIS – (also Nosh) An appetizer – “Try some kishka as a forshpeis.”


FRESSER – A Big Eater – “A fresser never takes a doggie-bag home from Kenny & Ziggy’s.”


GEZUNTA – Bigger – “Everything in Texas is gezunta.”


MACHER – A Big Shot – “At Kenny & Ziggy’s everyone is a macher.”


MISHPUCHAH – Family – “Bring your whole mishpuchah to Kenny & Ziggy’s for a great meal.”


MESHUGGE – Crazy – “People go meshugge for our triple smoked pastrami.”


SCHLEPP – To Carry or Haul – “Schlepp home some of our famous cheese cake for the mishpuchah.”


SCHMATAH – Rag – “If you spill your Dr. Browns we’ll wipe it up with a schmatah.”


SCHTARKER – A Strong Person – “To schlep home one of our sandwiches you have to be a schtarker.”


SCHTICKLUCH – Habit – “Eating our chopped liver will become a schtickluch.”


SCHPILKAS – Ants-in-the-Pants – “When you wait for a take-out order you never get schpilkas.”


PUNIM – Face – “When you eat at Kenny & Ziggy’s you’ll have a happy punim.”


MACHATUNIM – Your In-Laws or (The Enemy) – “You will even have a good time with your machatunim at Kenny & Ziggy’s.”


A BI GUZUNT Y’ALL – Be Well Ya’ll – “A bi guzunt and come back and see us real soon!”